Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Rock N' Roll Dallas Half Marathon - March 24, 2013

Let me set the scene for you...it was about 37 degrees outside but had a real temp feel of 28 degrees, with a lovely 20mph sustained wind on top of that.  IT. WAS. COLD.  For those that know me you know there are two things I really hate in life: fish and cold weather.

I didn't say too much about it during training but I really wanted to PR this race.  I knew I could do it, but didn't want to jinx it.  My previous PR was actually set at this race, on the same course, in March 2011.  My objective for this race was to pull a negative split.  I knew the first half of the course was a steady uphill so I paced it out really well and then went for it on the back half.  Voila!  I set a new PR!  2:11:02 made that blistering cold wind all worth it.

Thank you Garmin for making splits so easy to read:

This PR gave me the confidence boost I needed to carry on with training for the San Francisco Marathon in June!  This race along with the New Orleans RnR half (February 2013) and The Fairview Half Marathon (April 6, 2013 - separate post about that doozy) are all a part of my training plan.  It has been so fun incorporating big races into training.  If you've ever trained for a full marathon you'd probably agree that it can be a long lonely sport at times.  I typically enjoy running solo and prefer it that way, but just the excitement of others around me on race day gives me the added boost to keep pushing.

I'm not a fan of the Competitor Group and how they are money grubbing corporate smucks.  HOWEVER, I do enjoy running this race every year.  Something about it (maybe those two PR's help) just has a sentimental value with me.  You'll see me again next year....

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