Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Fairview Half Marathon - April 6, 2013

I've been looking forward to this inaugural event for quite some time!  The Fairview Half Marathon is put on by The Active Joe race series and with this being the first event, it was a HUGE success!  We raced our first Active Joe event back in October 2012 and we are hooked.  The Active Joe puts people before profit, which leads to an amazing race experience.

This was my 3rd half marathon in less than 6 weeks and this race wrapped up Week 14 of 24 for San Francisco Marathon training, so I was honestly expecting a terrible finish time.  The course is absolutely gorgeous but you battle rolling hills for the entire 13.1 miles (My Garmin stated 13.38 miles.  I know to expect a variance but sheesh).  When I ran this course back in October I was not trained properly which led to me cursing each and every one of those hills for days to follow.

Fairview 13.1 Splits

Miles 1-3:  When I started running, I immediately thought "oh, this is going to suck".  There was a stabbing pain in the bottom of left foot, and another nagging pain in my front right shin (which was new to me).  I figured that this was my body's way of payback for making this my 3rd race in 6 weeks.  To distract from the pain at about mile 2, I found the 2:15 pace group and decided to focus on just staying with them.

Miles 4-8:  At about mile 4 you encounter a pretty groan-worthy climb.  At this point I was still with the pace group but come mile 5 I found my groove.  I picked up the pace a little bit and just started relaxing and enjoying the scenery.  One of the things I love most about this race/course is the scenery.  Instead of running through the same ol' overly crowded and overpriced Dallas neighborhoods, this course takes you through the countryside.  Wave to the cows....wave to the horses and goats....wave to the country folk who were out there cheering us on in their pj pants while sipping their coffee.

Miles 9-13:  When you turn the corner into mile 9-ish not only is there another doozy of a climb, but that wind slapped you in the face like it has something to prove!  My pace slowed for about a mile which doesn't surprise me.  I felt like I was moving in slow motion.  Getting to mile 10 is the point in the race where you start reminding yourself, "The faster I run, the faster this is over with."  My usual self motivation worked and I picked up the pace.  When I came up to the 13 mile marker I just laughed because I knew that there was much more than a .1 left to go.  Such is life in the world of racing.  I came across the finish line with a 2:14:13 time and I was happy with it!  I went back to look at my time from when we ran this course in October in which I finished with a 2:27:51 time.  I shaved almost 14 MINUTES off my time!  Seeing progress like that is what keeps me going.  >pats self on back<

The course is hard but the reward is so worth it.  The Active Joe always puts other races to shame with the AWESOME bling that is not only beautiful, but huge!  I can't wait for The Showdown race this October!! 


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