Friday, May 3, 2013

13 miles is a "recovery run". That's cute....

Week 18 of training and I have finally arrived to a "recovery" week!  This is so stinking exciting except I use the term "recovery" lightly simply because I still have to run 13 miles tomorrow.  I'm not sitting around getting massages and devouring an entire bag of Oreos (God that sounds good).  However I do have to be honest here and make a confession.....I skipped two of my workouts this week.  >gasp<  I know, I know.  Granted I still got 3 workouts in plus the 13 tomorrow, so you know what, I'm NOT sorry.   Hal Higdon is cursing my name somewhere.  Ultra runners are laughing under their breath...and I'm sitting over here all like:

Mentally and physically, I needed this break.  I enjoyed every second of the extra sleep I got.  My aching knees are actually a little less achy.  I woke up on Wednesday morning and rolled over, and just the act of rolling onto my side (on my super comfy pillow top mattress) actually hurt my knees. So that was that, no 8 mile run for me that morning.  So instead of running that morning, I did this:

After icing I thouroughly enjoyed snuggling on the couch with this guy:

 After work, we further capitalized on "recovery" week and the beautiful weather and imposed a week night date night!  I always say that marathon training is a family commitment because it takes up so. much. time.  Not only the time spent running, but the time spent icing knees, stretching, being completely affects everyone in our household!  Brandon and I went out and indulged in these:

We had an absolute blast on our date night!  Before soaking up the frozen goodness we went to the Grand Opening shindig at our new Run On! store in Murphy, at which both of us scored some new running shoes!  I mean, new running shoes is a vital part of training so I can't say I didn't do ANYTHING for the marathon this week, now can I?  New running shoes is like Christmas morning; it's whimsical.

After skipping Wednesday's workout AND Thursday's workout, I feel refreshed.  My legs are still tired but they feel a ton better than how they were feeling this time last week when it felt like someone had been beating them with golf clubs.  My mind feels like it got a bit of a breather from training, and I got to spend some quality time with the hubby.  All of this now leaves me ready and excited to tackle the next 3 weeks of training before my tapering starts.  I needed a re-boot and now I'm ready to roll!

I'm not looking to set any land-speed records in San Francisco, I'm not training for the Olympics so just do what you gotta' do!

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