Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New Plan of Attack!

So remember on Monday I was having a major freak out/Jessie Spano moment minor panic attack about forward to today and things are better.  Things are still aching as usual but my mind has settled itself down.  Today I had a much anticipated visit to my running doc.  Not only was I excited to get some of these kinks worked out but I knew he'd be able to help me work out a plan of attack for training these last few weeks.

One of the things you'll learn about running/runners/running coaches is that everyone is very opinionated on what they believe is the "right" way to train.  Some people will tell you that you need to get at least two 20 mile runs in before race day, while others will tell you you're a damn fool to do anything above 18 miles period during training.  You can read and read and read for hours and walk away with no definite answer.  Bottom line - listen to your body and do what works for you.  None of us are engineered the same.  Some will always be naturally faster than those of us >cough< me, who work and work and work and never get that much faster.  I have the heart of a Kenyan with the legs of a turtle. Others are more injury prone, while some battle the mental aspects with every run more than others.  

Back to my doctors visit... we ran through a lot of questions trying to determine a few things.  One of which was "Have you gained any weight?" which I was so proud to answer NOPE!  Over the last week I've actually lost another inch off my hips and waist (bringing the total to 4 inches off my hips and waist since January, BOOM!).  Gaining weight (in fat, not muscle) during this phase of training is super easy to do and I am hell bent on not going down that road again.  After eliminating any obvious causes, we decided that for these last few weeks of training I do not need to run any more than 10 miles in any one session.  Many will tell you that the human body isn't really built to run more than 15 miles at a time, and anything after that you're basically just breaking down and destroying yourself.  So in the last few weeks of marathon training, imagine the destruction you are doing to your body week after week?  It's no wonder your body starts rebelling against you, you're being quite the jerk to it...  

So you're probably now wondering, then how are you going to finish out the last weeks of training with a 19 mile and 20 mile on the schedule?  Break it out into two parts, that's how.  For example, Friday night I will run 10 miles, and then wake up Saturday morning and run 9-10 more.  If the miles are run within a 24 hour period, my body is still feeling the effects of fatigue so even though the miles aren't run all at once, my body is still computing them as if they were.  That might make zero sense, but somehow it does to me.  The only real beef I have with this method, is the fact that I now I have to set aside two different blocks of time to run on my weekend.  Go ahead and call the waaaaaaaaambulance, because I'll probably moan and groan about it some more in future posts.  Who knows, maybe I'll end up liking this method.  Either way, if it gets me to the start line of San Francisco in one strong solid piece, I'm willing to try anything.  I always say that if it's important to you'll find a way, and if it's not, you'll find an excuse.  So I WILL set aside the time to execute this plan of attack.  It's only for a few more weeks and I have come way too far to start making excuses now!   WAY.  TOO.  FAR.  PEOPLE!!

>drops the mic<     

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