Monday, May 6, 2013

Panic Mode.

I got my 13 miles in on Saturday but it wasn't pretty to say the least.  Friday night I had to be out wayyyyy past my bedtime (especially knowing I had a long run in the morning).  I was at an event that night so I was also not fueled properly and pretty dehydrated.  It was one of those runs that you approach with a "just suck it up and survive it" attitude.

Approaching mile 11 my left quad starting getting this awesome burning pain which transitioned into a shooting pain towards the top of my quad.  I stopped and tried to stretch it out, but that didn't seem to help much so the last two miles were a run/walk combo.

All day Sunday there was a dull achy pain hanging out in that same area all day.  My mind of course went into immediate panic mode and I consulted the best doctor we all know and love, Dr. Google.  I read on everything from a minor quad strain up to a stress fracture.  What the F.....stress fracture??  No, no way, can't happen....oh dear God please don't let that be it.   I settled down and went through my heat/stretch/ice routine for my calves and added it on to the quad as well.  A little extra stretching couldn't hurt right?

I got up early this morning to do an easy 5 mile run to test the waters.  Admittedly it felt pretty good for the most part, a few twinges of pain but still enough there to keep me in minor panic mode.

To anyone reading this, I have a selfish favor to ask - please pray for my body to make it through this.  I am only 6 weeks away (SIX WEEKS) of which the next 3 are the hardest and contain my extra long runs.  I just need to make it through and get to the start line in San Francisco.  This race has a deeper meaning to me than any of the 12 others.  I've thrown all time goals out the window and made my new goal of "just be able to finish, not only for me but for my Dad".  That's all.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can......

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