Monday, June 10, 2013

Race week game plan!

It's here it's here!  Race week is FINALLY here!  Did I mention I'm running a marathon this weekend?  Not sure if I have or not...

Training is pretty much done minus a few easy runs this week.  I only have two runs planned for the week but I may throw in a third Friday morning to help shake out the race jitters.  The best feeling approaching race week is just accepting the mindset of what's done is done.  Time to plan for the fun part!  My anxiety is already through the roof just thinking about the massive list of things that have to get done before we go.  I am 100% my mother's child when it comes to traveling.  I have to prepare my "travel folder" that contains every single order/confirmation/reservation etc. for our trip.  You would think someone who works in the land of technology would just simply utilize my smart phone for such would think wrong.  People can't argue with paper, and they for darn sure don't want to argue with me.  Just ask Brandon about what happened when we arrived in Vegas for our honeymoon and were trying to check in to the hotel....that's a fun story :)   Don't argue with my travel folder, it will take you down to China town!

I shipped all of my fuel ahead of time to the hotel!  I also trust airline baggage handlers as much as I trust technology.  I put the Arginine in Ziploc baggies to avoid shipping the entire canister.  Arginine has a striking resemblance to cocaine, so I was not taking that chance.  I'm sure that's a fun conversation to have with airport security.

Packing for destination races is stressful.  I usually make my race wardrobe decisions the morning of the race.  So trying to pack multiple options for multiple possible climates is draining.  Rule #1 of destination races:  do NOT pack your race day shoes!  You wear them on the plane.  Every other piece of the wardrobe could be replaced on the fly if necessary, but not your shoes.  I thought about shipping them with the above supplies but my shoes would require the Large shipping box.  >insert abnormally large feet jokes here<

The rest of this week will be spent resting up and trying to get my body feeling 100%.  My neck is on the mend.  Thank you Lord for the healing!  (a good doctor helps too) My sinus infection is still lingering and driving me insane.  I'm convinced the only way I'll ever rid myself of sinus/allergy issues is to just move.  I'm allergic to Texas.  I spent last night hovered over a steaming pot trying to get some action in those sinus cavities.  Thank you to my husband for capturing me in all my glory:

My biggest concern with traveling is making sure I eat enough and drink enough water.  I know what my calorie and carb intake needs to be at and the thought of it already makes me want to vomit.  I'm tired of eating.  Bleh.  I'll be keeping a journal handy to make sure I get enough!  The sinus issue is already going to cause me enough grief on race day, I don't need improper fueling contributing.  Ain't nobody got time for all that.

One issue that I don't have to worry about is our "child care" while we're gone.  A HUGE THANK YOU to our families who are chipping in to house sit and watch the dogs.  You guys have no idea what a huge help it is to us.  As well as peace of mind knowing they are all being spoiled and loved on during their time of despair.

The race day forecast looks about as good as it could possibly be....eeeeeek!  I can't wait to see you San Francisco.

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