Friday, July 19, 2013

Fall Racing Schedule

I feel like I should use the term "fall" lightly because in Texas we really just have hot and cold, with about 3 weeks worth of "fall" or "spring" weather tossed in there.  October through December is my favorite of the year!  Not only does it bring about much nicer running weather, but it's the holiday season, and it is FOOTBALL season!  The perfect Saturday consists of getting a nice long run in out at the lake, and then coming home to watch college football either from the comfort of the couch or a local patio.  It's the little things in life.

Now that I have laid out my marathon training plan (here) I can look ahead to the races I plan on tossing in there!  A few are tentative depending on how I'm feeling at that point.  One thing I loved about my San Fran training was I was able to work in several other races into the schedules.  It really helps to break up the monotony of training alone for months, and racing the distance you need is just more fun.

  • August 3 & 4 - RRCA Coaching Certification Course
  • September 21 - Tour des Fleurs 20K
  • October 12 - The Showdown Half Marathon
  • October 26 - Allstate 13.1 (tentative)
  • December 8 - Metro PCS Dallas Marathon
If any of you would like to join in the fun, let me know.  The more the merrier!

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