Monday, August 26, 2013

I told you guys I needed a whistle...

For months and months now it has been weighing heavily on me the need to give back.  Not just financially, but with time.  Brandon and I enjoy giving back financially to a few charities throughout the year.  Often times it is for our four-legged friends or donating to friends who are running/racing/cycling in honor of various organizations, all of which are fantastic causes!  Lately though, I have wanted to give my time to something that I felt I really could make a difference with.  After a little research I found an organization called Girls on the Run - DFW and was completely in awe of the program they have started.  Ironically they just happened to have an opening for the coaching position at a recreation center located about ten minutes from our home, divine intervention?!  I contacted the local director and a few days later, voila, I am a coach!

Girls on the Run is a program for various age groups (I will be working with 3rd-5th grade girls) and we meet twice a week.  Each class works to build self esteem, through health education and of course running!  The program culminates by running a 5K, a REAL race!  I remember how exciting it was as an adult to run my first 5K, so I cannot wait to take this journey with the girls.  This past weekend I spent a day going through training and was surprised to learn just how much running these girls actually do.  I didn't get into running until well into my adult years, but I so wish there had been a program like this when I was younger.  Running has given back to me so much over the years and has played a huge role in my confident, determined, healthy, and persevering approach on life. 

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a wee bit nervous, after all, as someone who doesn't have kids working with a large group of them is a bit of uncharted territory and requires me to step way outside of my comfort zone.  Good news is, my excitement for this adventure far out weighs the nerves!  I hope and pray that I can shed a bit of positive light into this group that is constantly surrounded by negativity and thoughts of what the media tells them they should be. 

Girls on the Run was recently featured on msnbc and did a great feature on what they are all about! (msnbc article)

The fall classes are open for registration and there are locations ALL over the DFW metroplex and across the US! - locations list

"The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others." 
Albert Schweitzer

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