Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My 30 Days of Thankfulness

I know the new thing on social media is to post each day about what you're thankful for during November.  While I like the idea of it, posting it on Facebook isn't my cup of tea.  I like compiling lists.  I like things in order, in one spot.  I'm an Aquarius, it's what we do.

In no particular order I give you my 30 Things I'm Thankful For:

  1. My husband.  Anyone who puts up with me on a regular basis should never be taken for granted.  He's also the hardest working man I know and always makes sure we, as a family, are taken care of.
  2. A job that I truly enjoy.  While it may be one of the most stressful jobs that I'm certain has taken years off my life, I get to work every day with an incredibly talented and hilarious group of people.  Even on the worst of days, we still manage to squeeze a little bit of fun in.  Frequent happy hours and inappropriate jokes help too.
  3. My health.  My family has the odds working against them when it comes to genetics, so I do everything within my power to keep my health in order.  The rest is up to God.
  4. In addition to health, I am particularly thankful to the doctor's who have helped keep me healthy this year.  Between severe allergies and running injuries, somebody has to keep this body functioning right.
  5. My relationship with God.  It's a personal relationship that has grown tremendously over the last couple of years.  It's not perfect and may not be considered ideal by some, but it works for me and that's all that matters. 
  6. Girls On The Run - Being picked to be a coach has been such an amazing journey!  I have learned so much and have had my eyes opened to the struggles of the youth.  Hoping I can continue to help make a change for them and bring a new generation into running.
  7. Our dogs - Eddie, Lucy Lu, and Hank.  They are all "special needs" rescues who have nothing but love in their hearts.  I wouldn't trade them in for all the "normal" dogs in the world.  You'll never know the love of a dog until you've gotten love from one that you gave a second chance at life.  Adopt don't shop.
  8. Second chances.  My 20's have been a rough ride and I've been blessed with second chances that at times I probably didn't deserve.
  9. Running.  Running give me strength, confidence, and sanity.  Running came into my life at a time when nothing made sense.  It always gave me something positive to strive for when so many other negative factors were trying to find their way in. 
  10. Seat warmers in my car.  Completely unnecessary luxury but I love them. 
  11. My parents.  They provided an incredible childhood growing up but also made me understand the importance of working hard.  I've had a job since the day I turned 15 and thankful for that.
  12. A good work ethic.  I don't expect anything to be handed to me.  I've busted my tail for years to get to where I am now and I don't plan on stopping.  A good work ethic seems to be such a foreign concept to many in the upcoming generations.  
  13. Technology.  Our lives seem to revolve around it these days, and it also happens to be the industry that pays our paychecks.  
  14. A snarky sense of humor.   I'm a smart ass.  I don't have much of a filter.  I have really thick skin so I can take it just as much as I can dish it.  Humor and being able to find it in any situation is what has gotten me through some of the major lows in life.
  15. AdvoCare.  I've taken the products for years (they're awesome) but it wasn't until last year that I started sharing them with others and creating a nice side income.  It's my "running fund" that pays for race fees, travel expenses, gear, doctor's visits, etc.  I average $1,000 month and growing.  It's been a huge blessing!
  16. Being an Aunt.  I love having a niece and a nephew to spoil!  
  17. True friendships.  I'm very guarded and keep a small circle that I consider true friends. 
  18. Music.  I grew up around music of all kinds and I am an old soul.  If I ever have kids they too will grow up in a home filled with the classics of rock, blues, Motown, and country...not the garbage that they currently play on the radio.  When they're older they'll also know the greatness that is Tupac, Eazy-E, Beastie Boys, and Digital Underground.  They'll need to be well rounded ya know :)
  19. Travel!  This year we've gotten to travel to some really fun places and more are in the works for 2014!  We truly enjoy seeing the world on foot and are so blessed to be able to do so.
  20. Grandparents.  I don't see my grandparents nearly enough but I don't know too many people my age who still have their grandparents still with them.  It's truly a gift! 
  21. Modern day luxury that is known as the dishwasher.  Ours went out for two days and I about lost it at the thought of having to hand wash the million pieces of tupperware we go through each week.  Luxury item, yes.  Am I thankful for it, absolutely. #firstworldproblems
  22. Animal rescues.  The number of animals euthanized every year due to irresponsible owners and breeders is astounding and heart breaking.  Rescues do incredible work but are in constant need of donations to continue doing what they do.  Please consider making a donation to an animal rescue, especially during the holidays as they prepare for the "after Christmas rush of people who thought puppies would be a great gift".  I'm not making this up, it's actually a real problem.
  23. Thankful that I still love to learn.  I enjoy reading and educating myself, particularly on running and exercise.  You're never too old to feed your brain and learn something new.   
  24. My sister.  We're complete opposites in just about every aspect of life but we're still the best of friends. 
  25. The group of friends we have found through our NTX Runners group!  We're all crazy, that's why we get along so well.
  26. Post-it notes.  My work tasks would never get done without them.
  27. Caffeine - usually in the form of Spark.  Again, my work tasks would never get done without it.
  28. Thankful I married into a family that blessed me with two sets of in-laws.  The best part?  They are both awesome!  
  29. Naturally long eyelashes.  Sounds silly but I'm not a makeup wearing kind of gal.  So if I had to bring a long fuzzy stick with black tar looking stuff on it or one of those crazy eyelash clamp/curler/torture device near my eyes every day - I'd go crazy.
  30. I'm thankful that my 30th birthday is right around the corner!  So ready to put the 20's behind me!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!  Remember to give thanks every day (not just on the holiday) and also remember to wear your stretchy pants.

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