Monday, December 23, 2013

Impromptu White Rock Half Marathon: Race Recap

So I'm a wee bit behind in posting this but better late than never I suppose.  After the Metro PCS Dallas Marathon was cancelled, I was left to decide if I wanted to skip the distance all together and just keep training, or throw in a half marathon of my own somewhere along the way.  My sister was on a quest to complete her New Year's resolution of running 12 races in 2013, the Dallas Marathon was supposed to be the 12th.  Obviously the ice storm put a bit of a damper on that resolution.  Immediately after the cancellation I started searching everywhere to find a half marathon race within driving distance of the metroplex.  No luck.  My sister finally made the decision to sign up for a virtual half marathon and run her own race!  Fancy marathon, we don't need no stinkin' fancy marathon.
If you don't get this reference, we might not be able to be friends.

 So on Saturday, December 14th (six days after what should have been the actual race) we headed out to White Rock to tackle our own half marathon.  It was cold, cloudy, a little drizzle, and the wind started gusting upwards of 20-25mph but hey, no ice!  If you're familiar with White Rock, you know that it is roughly 9 miles for one loop.  I opted to run an out-and-back race so I turned around at the 6.5 mile point.  I set out for this "race" with honestly no objective in my mind.  The lake was pretty empty so the excitement of "race day" was nowhere to be found.  It felt like another training run which means this would be a race of mental strength more than anything.   

I held my pace back and gradual eased into what felt comfortable and hovered around a 10:00/mile for most of the run.  Last month I was finally able to get Garmin to take back my 210 (which I had a million issues with) and upgraded to the new Forerunner 220.  Best.  Decision.  Ever. It deserves a review all on its own but for now, I can finally show splits!  >applause<

The new watch also provides cadence, which I'm not sure how accurate it is, but it's a good starting point to start tracking that data as well.  Average cadence of 172 which I'd like to work on improving to 180 in the near future. 

The run itself wasn't actually that bad and at the end I could have kept on cruising.  At about mile 11 the wind picked up something fierce and with that came a temperature drop that served as great motivation to just get back to the car (and seat warmers) as soon as possible! 

I finished with a time of 2:12:10.  No crowd cheering.  No funny signs.  No cheers from the lovely volunteers at the water stations.  No shiny medal at the end.  Lots of boredom.  Sometimes it's making the decision to just "get out there and do it" that help to improve your strength more than anything.  I'll take my finish with a smile!


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