Friday, January 31, 2014

10 Day Cleanse Results and Upcoming Races

Between the holidays and a 5-day all inclusive vacation, I was more than ready to start a cleanse when I got back!  I had never done a cleanse until a little over a year ago and admittedly, I was terrified before I started!  The word "cleanse" just sounds terrifying right?  There are tons of different cleanse plans available today but I choose to use the AdvoCare 10-Day Herbal Cleanse .  After the first one I was hooked and now do a cleanse every 3-4 months to purge out the bad stuff, rid my body of toxins and give my body a good cleaning and maintenance.  (I refer to it as cleaning out the pipes #realtalk)  My favorite thing about this particular cleanse is that you eat real's not a juicing/smoothie fast.  I know some folks like that but this girl needs food, real food to keep me happy and fueled for my running.   I'm now on Day 9 of this cleanse and am so happy to report that I'm down 4.5 lbs and ironically 4.5 inches as well with my energy back and feeling back to my normal self!  This time around I stepped outside of my comfort zone and started adding in green smoothies as a snack to my daily routine.  Getting enough fruits and veggies into my diet has always been a struggle so I thought this would be a great way to add some in.  We've tried many different recipes and have loved them so far; even my super picky husband loves them!  While the cleanse will technically be over tomorrow, the green smoothies are definitely something we plan to continue!  For the past few months I have struggled to get back to a consistent healthy eating pattern.  I'd start for a few days and then derail, etc.  Things never really got out of control, but couldn't really get my rhythm down.  So happy that this time around I feel 100% back on track and that is a fantastic feeling!

With the cleanse out of the way and having enjoyed some extra downtime lately, I'm excited to start planning out races for the year!  My goal for the year is to focus on strengthening my weak areas and that has been in full force this month.  While this is my primary focus, I'm still keeping a few races on the books because lets face it, I'd go through withdrawals if I wasn't racing here and there to keep things exciting!  So far in 2014 we've run two half marathons and we're only one month into the year folks.  Luckily both of those races were intended as just fun events so the paces were slowed and no pressure of a "PR" was looming.

2014 Races - Part 1

February: exciting month!  Why you ask?  Well it's my birthday month, and yes birthdays are celebrated for an obnoxious amount of time in our family.  My 30th birthday should be celebrated for at least 30 days right?  I thought so too.  Back to the race calendar.... 
  • February 8th I'm running the Dallas Hot Chocolate 15K with a big group of friends!  I debated on signing up but I can't say no to the hoodie.  This girl loves a good hoodie and the one I got last year I still wear all the time. 
  • February 23rd won't be a race day for me, but more importantly I have spectator/wife/coach duty as my husband runs his FIRST full marathon at Cowtown!  I'm so excited and nervous for him!  
March: I always run the Rock 'n' Roll Dallas Half Marathon.  While I'm not a fan of the Competitor Group, this course has always been kind to me and produced good times so I have a hard time not running it.  So on March 23rd I plan to give it another go and see what happens.  

April:  anniversary month!  Brandon and I will be celebrating our 4 year wedding anniversary and this year one of our favorite groups, The Active Joe, is hosting one of our favorite races anniversary weekend.  The Fairview Half Marathon had it's inaugural race last year and it was fabulous.  (You can read about it here)  Maybe this year The Fairview Half will be included in our usual anniversary festivities?  Hmmmmmmm....

Given that the temps in Texas start to heat up drastically starting in May, racing becomes kind of a spur of the moment decision.  Now, if this cold weather would just make its way on out of here I'd be a happy camper!  Bring on Spring race season! 


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