Friday, February 28, 2014

Looking for a spring time race?

Tomorrow is March 1st and in my world that means that spring time is upon us!  More importantly that means warmer temps and spring race season is about to kick into high gear!  After realizing that I needed to spend more time recovering, I nixed my initial spring race plans and decided to stick with running just one race.  That one race happens to be The Fairview Half Marathon on April 5th.  Last year was the inaugural event for this race and we had a blast!  

A few days after making this decision, the event organizers posted that they were accepting applications for pacers.  I've seen pacers at every race and often thought that would be a fun gig, so I figured hey why not apply right?  I submitted all of my necessary info and played the waiting game.  Earlier this week I was notified that I had been accepted and would be pacing the 2:35 group!  I am so excited for this opportunity.  That's a fun easy pace for me, so I hope to share some good conversations with fellow runners, and also hope to have some first-timers in our group!  

The race provides free childcare which is incredibly rare in the racing world.  While we don't have children, I love that it allows the opportunity for couples to come run together without the added stress of trying to find a sitter so early in the morning.  

If you were looking for a fun, well organized event, with a scenic course check out The Fairview Half Marathon and 5K.  

Whether you want to do the half or 5K, come join us!  There will be food and frosty beverages afterwards with friends at a TBD location!

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