Friday, March 7, 2014

A few things I'm loving right now!

Over the last few weeks I've made an extra effort to start substituting in more healthy alternatives to the things we usually eat.  We are by no means "clean eaters" but we do make an effort to try and eat mostly clean.  For those of you who eat 100% clean, I don't know how you do it but kudos to you.  Everything in moderation right?

One of things I've been wanting to try is to make homemade energy bars.  Out of boredom this past weekend I scoured the interwebs looking for recipes and saw several that I liked!  Based on the ingredients I had available (and the fact that I wasn't about to go to the grocery store) I ended up using this recipe found over here.  I tweaked the recipe to fit our needs by using extra oats, Vanilla Muscle Gain Protein and sadly had to skip the chocolate chips because we didn't have any....womp womp.  I drizzled the honey on top of the mixture and attempted to make them into little balls.  Epic fail.  Since I figured we'll be using these and pre-workout snacks, I grabbed a 1/4 measuring cup and packed the mixture into it and voila:

Who knew that oats, peanut butter, vanilla protein and honey could come together in harmony to make a DELICIOUS snack!  They are so tasty and while I use them for pre-workouts they'd also suffice as a good sweet tooth killer.  Next time though, chocolate chips will be added!

Via another blogger I was introduced to the greatness that is PB2.  I've only had the PB2 Chocolate but plan on picking up the regular PB in the next grocery visit.

We've been using it as a dip for graham crackers to cure the sweet tooth, but just this morning I decided to make a green smoothie with it.  Spinach, milk, Chocolate Muscle Gain, PB2 Chocolate, and two frozen bananas came together beautifully!  A much different spin on the green smoothie but awesome nonetheless!

For starters I have to profess my love for Amazon Prime.  Does it get ANY better than free two day shipping?  I think not.  I'm a book nerd and love actual books...tangible pretty books, with pages I can turn and make notes on if I need to.  A friend on Instagram posted her progress at just three weeks using the Ultimate Booty Workout program.   I'm not one to say "OMG I must do whatever you're doing" but she's an athlete I respect so I took this one far more seriously.  It's not about the looking good in a swimsuit part (yes of course, added bonus) but more so for strengthening the glutes and hips.  When it comes to distance running, just picture your glutes and hips like the foundation on a house.  It is the platform to your running and it needs to be made strong, sturdy, and balanced to ensure that everything else around it works properly.  I've put a ton of focus on strengthening these areas this year, and I'm hoping this book is just another weapon in the arsenal.

Our new love of green smoothies left me wanting a recipe book to expand my knowledge of what other fun things I can toss in the Vitamix for a nutritious treat.  I particularly loved this book because it also explains the benefits of each ingredient and why we need it.  My brain is one big sponge and constantly loves to learn!

Oh did I also mention that it is Friday and I LOVE Friday's?!  What exciting things are you loving recently?

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