Monday, April 21, 2014

Time to get serious. Yea I'm talking to you Chicago...

After the high of "Holy shnikes I got into the Chicago Marathon" wore off, I started to have the "Holy shnikes I got into the Chicago Marathon I need to start training and get my plan together" freak out.

In case you missed it ya know...
We are only 175 days out people!  That's just over 5 months which may seem like a long time, but not in marathon training terms...especially when you're starting over from scratch a little bit.  Training plans, to a hire a coach of my own decision, training nutrition game plans...oh my.  Since I'm still on the mend from my knee issue I know that I have a substantial base building phase ahead of me.  I plan to spend the next 6 weeks slowly (very slowly) building my base back up and incorporating consistent runs back into my routine. Strength training is still humming along twice a week, so I'm excited to get 3-4 weekly runs added back into the mix. So many people have said to me, "Oh that stinks you're going to have train through a Texas summer for Chicago."  Truth be told?  I love it.  It can be hot, humid, and just plain miserable but there is something extra gratifying about being completely drenched in sweat after a workout.  Fall PR's in Texas are built in the summer!  If you can tough it out through the most awful months of the year, you will be rewarded come fall racing season!  (Not to mention, if I have to layer or put on tights one more time I'm going to scream.)  The heat can get to you sometimes, but I get great joy out of the simplicity of my running wardrobe choices: shorty-shorts, sports bra, and the lightest mesh tank I can find.  That's layers upon layers, ear warmers, gloves, snot rags, ick.

The other piece to the training puzzle that is just as important as every single mile you log: nutrition.  When I ran San Francisco last year I made nutrition a main focus of mine and it paid off.  I felt better all around during training and on race day, well I PR'd by over 30 minutes.

Confession:  During this phase of injury rest and recovery I'm currently in, I've taken advantage and haven't exactly been the best with my nutrition.  I mean, my choices haven't been awful, but they definitely haven't been great....and I may have indulged in an extra margarita more than I normally would. Whoopsy.

Well, now that it's out there...before I can even get there I need to focus on shedding a bit of extra weight. Ideally I've got about 8-10lbs to drop and we all know how stubborn those last few are so I'll be going mainly on inches; but I know the scale has some room to budge.  To kick-start my efforts, clean out the pipes, get rid of all the toxins we hold onto and give my body a full re-boot, I'll be starting my Advocare Herbal Cleanse this Wednesday.  I do one every 90-100 days and it never ceases to amaze me just how much better and re-energized I feel afterwards.  Our bodies need maintenance too but the word "cleanse" can mean a lot of different things to different people.  To me, I will only use a "cleanse" that allows me to eat real food (the good stuff of course) because after all, running comes first and we must be fueled properly. The cleanse will jump-start me into the right direction and get my insides ready for training.  I haven't laid out my full nutrition plan because I still have some time for that but I do remember that when you need 2000-2200 calories per day during those last few weeks, it becomes difficult to get it all in.  I can't be the only one who gets downright tired of eating in general during training right?!

My heart is filled with so much excitement for this race, but my mind is racing with everything that needs to be done!  Which reminds me, I need new shoes.....    

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