Sunday, April 6, 2014

When you don't have anything nice to say....

Don't blog.   Following that rule pretty much sums up why I haven't blogged in quite some time.  I also had to follow the "admitting you have a problem is the first step" rule, so without further adieu....

Hi, my name is Lindsay and I'm injured.

The knee pain that has haunted me since January finally got upgraded from nagging pain to injury.  Over the last couple of months I cut my mileage in half, focused a ton on strength work, and while I did see improvements the second I started to up my mileage it came raging back.  While things were improving I started to plan out some races and was even going to pace a local half marathon and nothing pained me more than having to back out of all those plans.  The month of March I was pretty bummed and downright depressed over it all.  Taking it easy is not something I'm particularly good at and quite frankly I suck at it.  Running has always been my source of stress relief and allowed me to think clearly.  The good runs, you know the ones that feel effortless, always gave me an extra boost of confidence that I needed to tackle the non-running obstacles that life threw my way.  I haven't had one of those good runs in quite some time and taking away running all together has been really difficult.  When I first finally admitted that Spring racing was out, I was mad...I cried....I had full on meltdowns....I threw one big pity party for myself.  Then finally, I snapped out of it.  I finally took a step back and realized that this was my opportunity to actually stick to my word and focus on strength training and getting my body back to a state where it can run pain free.  There will be more races to run.  No race this Spring was worth doing permanent damage to myself over.

A break in running happened to come at one of the worst times as things in my personal and professional life became infinitely more stressful. How in the world does a normal person (who doesn't run) cope with stress?!  For me, I decided to focus all of that energy into house projects!   I must say that not having a long run on Saturday mornings eat up several hours leads to a lot of productivity during the day!  We completely re-did our bedroom, stained the patio, cleaned out closets and lots of other fun things in between.   I've started to embrace the free time even though I'd kill to go take a lap around White Rock right now.  I'm getting in some short easy runs here and there to really gauge where I'm at in the recovery process and things are looking good.

So, my hiatus from blogging was mainly because I didn't really have anything nice to say as I was going through the motions of dealing with this.  I'm excited at the thought of starting again from scratch and building that base mileage back up as we prepare for some Fall races.  I want running to be a lifetime sport for me, so this is a small sacrifice and just a bump in the road.            

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