Monday, June 23, 2014

Training Update: Week 8

Oh, hey there blog...good to see you again.  I've severely neglected the blog for no good reason except that I've been just plain busy.  I knew that hiring a coach and really pushing my limits was going to be challenging, but it has also proven to be downright exhausting.

My last post (here) was at week 3 of training where coach and I were really just working on feeling out where I was at exactly, and starting to build a solid base.  A few notes/updates on things I mentioned in that last post:

1) shoes shoes.  Switching shoes is not an easy thing.  It's something that most people don't realize until it's too late.  I knew what I was getting into when going to an 8mm shoe vs what I was used to running in and was prepared for a few side effects.  After over a month of fighting my way through shin splints from hell, I opted to go back to my tried and true Brooks Ghost.  As soon as I took a run in a shiny new pair of Ghost 7's, my feet felt like they were home again.  Dear Brooks, I will never cheat on you again. XOXO

2) I had my blood work done and I'll take this opportunity here again to say, it is so so important to have this done.  Not just for runners, but we aren't getting any younger folks.  Making sure everything looks good on the inside is 1000x more important than looking good in that swimsuit.  I'm sure every doc does it different, but for runners make sure to ask that an Iron count is included in the standard blood panel.  Sometimes it isn't, as was the case with my doc but I knew to ask.  I feel like I can't preach about it without giving my own results, so here ya go:

The results of your recent tests are explained below:
Kidney Tests: Good -- no changes needed
Electrolytes: Good -- no changes needed
Liver Tests: Good -- no changes needed
Diabetic Tests: Blood Glucose (Sugar) Normal. No evidence of Diabetes
   Blood Glucose: 79 (05/16/2014)
Lipid Studies: Excellent
   Cholesterol: 145 (05/16/2014)
   Triglyceride Total: 119 (05/16/2014)
   LDL: 54 (05/16/2014)
   HDL: 67 (05/16/2014)
Thyroid Function: Normal
Complete Blood Count:  Normal.
 Iron: Normal
Comments: Your lab work looks incredibly healthy.    <----That comment from the doctor is like getting the Shining Star award in grade school.  (Minus the certificate and an awful outfit with poofy bangs.)  While there's no certificate I do have evidence of the awful outfit, poofy bangs, and an awesome power drill for extra cred.  I'll just let this sink in for a few....  

#whatyouknowaboutthat #neverafashionista #tomboy #purplejorts #winning

3) Today marks week 8 (of an initial 24 week plan) and things have gotten real y'all.  During base building my weeks were about 15-18 miles total mileage for the week and now in week 8 we are crossing over into the 30's for total weekly mileage.  As I predicted in that last post, I'm now running 5 days per week.  So when you combine that with my strength training schedule, I only have 1 true rest day per week.  Luckily, it's on Friday's which is when I like to have it.

Each week has included a form of speed-work and much to my surprise I've come to really enjoy these workouts.  It's so nice to log miles in a way that really challenges you and keeps things interesting!  Last week was a set of 800's  which if you're familiar with the Yasso 800's theory you understand the significance.   Long story short, 800's can be used as a guideline/predictor for what you can run a full or half marathon in.  Do I think they're totally accurate?  Eh.  No.  But in my case for example, when you take the results of the 800's combined with the results of all the other workouts I've been doing, then you can really build an accurate time prediction.  Luckily, all my results point to the time goal that I have in my head so I'm pretty stoked!  There is still a ton of work to do to get there obviously, but knowing you're on the right path is so encouraging.  This was me super happy after my 800's workout and fighting the urge to want to puke.  This whole 90% humidity thing is an ass-whoopin.

This past Saturday was the first official day of Summer, which really means nothing in Texas.  It's already hot, humid, and miserable by the time "Summer" gets here.  Brandon and I celebrated this monumental occasion with a trip to the lake and knocked out 9 miles.  I ran 8 (which is what was scheduled) and walked one.  It was a cool crisp 80 degrees out at 6am, but Mother Nature did us a solid with some extra cloud coverage. Training in the summer can be brutal, but we look forward to it because afterwards we treat ourselves to breakfast!  We tried Fuzzy's Taco's for the first time and um, why haven't we done that sooner?!  Yum!   Good breakfast tacos, cold beer, and some tunes you can groove to on the patio at 9am?  Yes please.  Treat yo'self!
He's the best :)
The first workout of week 8 consisted of 6.5 miles total this morning with 4.5 of that being 600's intervals that just about killed me.  The last mile the sky completely fell out and I'm not talking drizzle, I'm talking a complete instant downpour with raindrops that actually hurt when they hit your face.  Luckily, I was done with intervals piece so I made my way back to the house to complete the cool down on the treadmill.  I.  Was.  Drenched.
Fo'shizzle that was no drizzle.
 So, here we are 16 weeks out from Chicago and I'm feeling pretty good.  It hasn't all been gummy bears and rainbows so far with training, but that's just how it goes.  Looking forward to the weeks ahead as the heat kicks up, the weekly mileage gets into the 40's and 50's, and I will do everything I can to avoid any hangry outbursts.