Friday, September 12, 2014

The 30 Day Countdown Begins!

Commence panic mode.

I keep a countdown widget on my phone so that every morning when my alarm goes off stupid early, I see that calendar first thing.  It's the reminder that I need in these exhausting final weeks that we are almost there.  It's no longer months away, it is weeks away and pretty soon just days.  Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and drudging through miles.

The 30 day mark also triggered a mass reaction of panic mode.  We ONLY have 30 days left?!?  I'm not ready.  I don't feel ready.  When I took on the Hanson's approach I knew there would be no 20 mile run to help me prepare.  That part really excited me at first and now it has left me a little terrified.  I know the theory behind their plan, and I just have to trust it.  "Trust your training" is something always preached in the running world, so I am having to let go of that fear and just roll with it.  Admittedly it has been hard to see all my fellow runners post about their 20+ mile runs.  Every time I see one a little wave of doubt creeps in to my mind.  I took on Hanson's because I wanted something completely different and something that would challenge me on so many levels. So, I'm trying my darnedest to not let those thoughts of doubt creep in and instead focus on race day. Then and only then will I know if I made the right decision.
On my tempo run yesterday, I had a lot of time to think.  It was a ten mile set so I had plenty of time to find ways to distract myself.  It was also day 6 in a row of running and my legs felt like concrete blocks, so I welcomed any distraction.  Since we are only 30 days out I started thinking about the things I'm looking forward to after Chicago.  In no particular order...
  1. I look forward to sleep.  Oh Lord, sleeeeeeeeeep.  Don't get me wrong, I'm an early bird and enjoying being up and productive.  It's more about having the option to sleep in instead of my alarm that is currently set for 4:30 or 5am 6 days a week.  Especially Sunday mornings, I miss lazy Sundays.
  2. I look forward to boycotting bagels and pasta for at least a year.  Ick.
  3. I look forward to not having to spend at least an hour every single day stretching and foam rolling.  Between the runs themselves, stretching, work, and sleep there really isn't time for anything else during the week.
  4. I look forward to not having to wash sweaty disgusting workout clothes three times per week. Yep, three loads of just workout gear per week.  Over it.
  5. Speaking of, I look forward to not being a sweaty mess every single morning.  
  6. I look forward to going back to my Zfit strength training crew.  I still don't miss burpees though.
  7. I look forward to that first Saturday after Chicago.  It will be the first Saturday I have slept in, in over 5 months.  Instead of preparing for the long run, I'd like to spend my morning preparing for what patio I plan on having brunch at.  With lots of mimosas.  Like normal people.  
  8. I look forward to getting the best pedicure money can buy.  During marathon training calluses are your best friend, they protect you from blisters so you don't want to lose them.  During training I just accept ugly feet as a way of life.  I still proudly wear flip-flops because quite frankly, I really don't care what people think.   A pedicure now would just be a waste so once I'm all healed up from Chicago, I'll take that french pedi with a hot stone massage...ahhhhhhhh.
  9. I look forward to having the energy to cook again.
  10. I look forward to being able to stay up late (as in past 9:30) so that I can spend more time with my family.
You make a lot of sacrifices during marathon training, and it is something you just have to be able to deal with it in order to make it all work.  These final few weeks are always the hardest because not only are you physically drained, but you're emotionally drained as well.  I just want to race!  I either want to sleep, eat, or cry these days.  So basically my husband is married to an infant.  30 month....I can handle anything for one month.  I think I can, I think I can.....

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