Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dear Motivation, where are you?

After Chicago, my coach issued minimum of 10 days rest to recover both mentally and physically.  The first few days of sleeping in and getting to hang out in my pj's all morning (instead of throwing on running clothes) were fantastic.  By the fourth and fifth days I started to feel lost.  All of this time off gave me plenty of time to think about "what's next?".  Coach gave me the go-ahead to go for an easy-peasy 3 mile run on Monday to test the waters and see how I feel.  My hip-flexor, the side I fell on, was NOT a happy camper.  At all.  I had a sneaking suspicion that some delayed aches and pains would show up there and boy was I right.  My "what's next" plan originally included the thought of going after the Dallas Marathon and seeking redemption to hit my "A" goal that I was just shy of in Chicago.  However now that I know my hip isn't playing around, I think it's time to re-think that plan. During my marathon training I knew that after the full I wanted to focus on speed and work towards a sub-2 hour half marathon.  My current PR in the half sits at 2:09:30 so there is definitely some work to be done, but it is within reach.  There's only one problem with that, I have no motivation right now.


The combination of knowing my hip needs time to heal and still in recovery mode from the full has drained me of all motivation.   I look at the race calendar and nothing excites me, my desire to get back to cooking every night and whipping up fresh green smoothies in the morning isn't there, and sleeping in instead of doing anything productive in the mornings just sounds way more up more alley. Totally unlike me.  Fall racing season is usually my absolute favorite!  The problem though is that Chicago fell smack dab in the middle of all my favorite races.  My favorites were either right before, during, and immediately after Chicago....not even kidding.  So between taper time and recovery time, there's really no races that I care to invest the money or time in.  I've never run the Dallas Marathon (full or half) and I hear great things, but honestly I just look at it and think "meh".   For no other reason than I've run races through those routes a billion times and I'm not sure about the route since it merges half and full runners together.  With a sub-2 hour half as the next goal, I think I'm more eager to get back into training mode instead of racing mode.  Last year was the year of the race, and it was a TON of fun!  However, those races were just for that - fun - and time goals weren't the focus.  In order to reach the sub-2 goal I need to finally get myself back to 100% so maybe the universe is giving me a sign that there are no interesting races on the calendar for a's time to rest.

Lots of exciting things are lining up for Spring so I may just put my focus there!  I want to run some new races and explore different routes and go after that sub-2 half.  I'm still not sure what my game-plan is for the upcoming weeks.  My first priority is getting this booger of a hip-flexor back to being happy so some additional rest time is coming up.  I still feel a little lost and hoping that I find my way out of this funk soon.

Give me some exciting races to look into!  What is on your race calendar for the end of this year or Spring?

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