Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Embracing the 5K.

At the end of 2014 I wasn't sure which direction I wanted to take my running as I explained here.  I've spent much of January easing myself back into running and a regular workout routine.  The cold and rainy weather meant that the treadmill and I would be spending a lot of quality time together.  I shook things up on the treadmill and started doing some fun speed workouts that included a series of sprint intervals and varying paces.  After a few of those I decided, yep, Spring 2015 is going to be the season of the 5K.  Honestly?  I'm SUPER excited about it!  My heart belongs to the half marathon and full marathon distance but it's nice to change things up every once in awhile and allow different muscle groups to take over for a bit.  My ultimate goal is of course to PR in the 5K and lay the ground work for my other big goal in fall: a Sub-2 half marathon.  

So far, the 5K Schedule is starting to fill up. If you live in the area, please join me!  I'd love to see some familiar faces at races.

February 14th - If the weather is decent (it's always a gamble this time of year) I'll be kicking off Valentine's Day with Cupid's 5K .  Not looking to PR at this one but just excited to race again!  Not to mention I am not a fan of Valentine's Day where restaurants are overbooked and over priced, so I figure a nice brunch after the race sounds way more fun.

February 21st - Stonebridge Ranch Half Marathon and 5K - I'll be doing the 5K and hanging around to cheer on the half marathoners!

March 28th - ZOOMA Texas Half Marathon, 10K and 5K - I am proud to serve as an ambassador for this race, it's going to be such a fun event at the GORGEOUS Hyatt Lost Pines Resort.  Seriously if you've never been, it's amazing!  You can use my code "LINDSAY15" to save 10% on any distance race registration.  

April 11th - Fairview Half Marathon and 5K - One of my favorite events!

Nothing is on the calendar just yet for May.  Any suggestions?  What events are on your calendar for Spring?