Thursday, February 12, 2015


Today I turn 31.  In honor of such occasion, I ran 3.1 miles to start my morning!  I really can't imagine kicking off my birthday any other way.

Not sure why 31 feels so much different to me than turning 30 ever did.  Is it because I am officially now "in" my thirties?  Or maybe it's because I had the realization the other day that this marks 10 years since I graduated from COLLEGE.  Oy vey.  Just saying that makes me feel older.  Remember when you were getting ready to graduate college and you had it all written out how the next ten years of your life were going to go?  Remember that?  Yea, so do I.  Did my life go as I had planned? BAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


It has been a wild ride but it turned out better than I could have ever imagined.  

31 is shaping up to be a great year!  After a few months off I am back in the fitness game and more importantly my head is in the right place.  I lived in marathon training mode for SO long that I almost forgot the basics of overall fitness.  I've racked my brain trying to put it into words for this blog post but I just can't.  If you've run a marathon before, you get where I'm coming from.  Your mindset about fitness/nutrition is different for marathon training.  Two major changes I've incorporated to get back on track:

  1. I started counting calories again via the MyFitnessPal app.  After metabolic testing I realized how important this piece was and I'm loving it!  I'm also back to my 80/20 rule for food and that's my happy space.  80% of the time the diet is on point, 20% of the time I do whatever the heck I want to.
  2. Going against every ounce of my being I joined a gym.  I haven't had a real gym membership in over 8 years.  Many moons ago I became a gym rat and had an unhealthy obsession with the gym.  Long story short, I canceled my membership and never looked back.  After years of running and only running I finally listened to doctors orders and began cross training.  Spin class, strength class, HIIT workouts etc. and I LOVE it!  I've learned so much over the years that me and the gym can now have a healthy albeit love/hate relationship.  
I'm still running and still in full on 5K mode but with a healthy dose of everything else mixed in! Even yoga.  Because I'm sure I look like a complete idiot I do my yoga from the comfort of my living room.  It's actually eye-opening to realize just how inflexible you really are.  It's really peaceful in the early mornings being serenaded by the sweet sounds of puppy snores from all over the living room while I pretend to know what I'm doing and channel my inner yogi...    

Also on the agenda for 31...
  • Trip to Austin for the ZOOMA Texas Half Marathon, 10K and 5K!  You guys this is going to be so much fun and an absolutely gorgeous run through the hill country!  You can use my code LINDSAY15 to save you 10% on any registrations.  
  • Trip to Jamaica - our last three vacations have all been for races so this is a do nothing vacation.  The only exercising I plan on doing is walking back and forth to the bar.
  • By the grace of God I will be ready to tackle fall racing season and go for that sub-2 hour half marathon!    
I'm hoping another trip may be in the works for 31, we just haven't decided where to go yet!  Who knows what curve balls this year will throw at me but I do know that I feel incredibly blessed to live this wonderfully imperfect chaotic life.     

Today I plan to go out and celebrate by eating pizza, cheesecake and certainly beer for good measure.

Calories don't count on your birthday.

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