Sunday, February 15, 2015

Race Report: Cupid's Couples 5K - New PR!

I've been looking forward to this race for awhile because the last time I raced was back in October at the Chicago Marathon and a week later we did the Mavs 5K.  So almost 4 months have gone by without racing and needless to say, I was way overdue.  We picked this race because it seemed like a fun way to spend Valentine's Day.  You can register as an individual or you can choose to partner up and race as a couple which is a fun concept!  Since I got back into the swing of things in January my focus has been on short distances (nothing over 5 miles) and incorporating speed work and cross training into my routine so I was curious as to how I'd fare in my first of a series of upcoming 5K's. My goal for this race was to run based on feel and not really pay attention to my watch.  I wanted to push myself to see exactly what I was working with moving into Spring.  After you've run so many half marathons and fulls, it's so fun to run a 5K and know that it's only 3 miles.  I can push myself for 3 miles, that's a warm up.  Mentally it's a fun feeling because it boils down to thinking "this is only 30 minutes or less of my day, suck it up and push."

The race was in McKinney which is really familiar territory so I was expecting a few hills along the course but nothing terrible.  Race morning we arrived early and met up with my sister who was also running.  The race itself left a lot to be desired as far as production goes, but for a 5K I really don't care about bells and whistles.  However, would it be too much to ask to put a darn trash can near the start line to toss a GU packet into?!  Sheesh.  After scouting out a trash can we lined up and took off just after 8am.  The course is mostly through neighborhoods and has quite a few twists and turns along the way.  I took off at what I knew was a bit faster pace than usual but it felt good so I pressed on without looking at my watch.  When I got to the one mile mark my watch buzzed so I looked down to see that I had just run mile 1 with an 8:37 pace.  Say wha?!?!?  That honestly took me by surprise! While I knew that holding that pace for the entire race would be tough, I also knew that even if I came close I'd be setting myself up for a huge PR.  One mile down and only two more to go?  Let's do this!  My pace slowed slightly towards the end of mile two and by 2.5 I was really close to taking a quick walk break but I refrained.  With less than a mile to go I knew I could push to the point of almost puking and take home a shiny new PR.  Around mile 2.7ish we turned a corner and I knew exactly where the finish line was and it was just the boost I needed.  I came across the finish line at 27:17 which was 1:40 faster than my 5K in October!

Final Stats

  • Overall Finish Time:  27:17
  • Average Per Mile Pace:  8:48/mile (24 seconds faster per mile than just four months ago)
  • Mile Splits
    • Mile 1:  8:37
    • Mile 2:  9:03
    • Mile 3:  8:59
  • Division Place: 6th out of 35
  • Overall Place: 89th out of 381
  • Team LovePepper came in 4th out of 40 Teams!!  
Team LovePepper
It is so incredibly rewarding to see hard work pay off!  We have a few more 5K's lined up but I'm most excited about the ZOOMA Texas 5K in March!  Hoping that after a few more weeks of work, that I'll be able to push myself even harder.  

The weather was absolutely gorgeous which made this morning even more awesome and a really great start to Valentine's Day!  

I've never been a fan of Valentine's Day, it's the ultimate in Hallmark Holidays.  Everything is overcrowded and overpriced.  I want flowers on a Tuesday, any Tuesday, just because you like me not because marketing says it's mandatory or you're a bad spouse.  Brandon and I will only spend $5 on each other, if that, and it's always something silly.  This year we did do silly gifts but first we took full advantage of the gorgeous weather and continued one of our favorite traditions.   When either of us get a PR, it is ALWAYS celebrated with a margarita.  Always.  Blue Goose did not disappoint!  

We used Valentine's Day as an excuse to spoil ourselves and finally bought ourselves fancy beer glasses.  Our beers will no longer be poured in just any glass, they will be in the appropriate glass.
Remember how I said we do silly gifts?  I bought Brandon 5.5 lbs of gummy bears to fill up his jar he keeps at his office.  He loved it but I must say, he wins the award for greatest Valentine's gift of all time.  A little back-story....I love Dairy Queen Blizzards.  I do.   DQ Blizzards will always hold a special place in my heart because they remind me of my childhood.  It was always such an exciting day when we'd make a trip to DQ to splurge and have a blizzard.  (I'm sure it may have a little something to do with why I was a chunky monkey kid.)  Sadly as I've gotten older I've had to swear them off because they are loaded, and I mean loaded, in fat, calories, sugar and who knows what else.   About two years ago they opened up a DQ about two miles from our home and my inner fat kid was reeling with excitement but grown up Lindsay knew I had to stay away.  We enjoyed a Blizzard when it opened two years ago and that was the last time I've had one.

So what in the world does this have to do with Valentine's Day you ask?  Brandon came into the kitchen Saturday morning after our race and handed me this red velvety box that by most standards one would say was jewelry.  I was caught off guard because I am not a jewelry girl and would have been perplexed if that's what he had gotten me.  When I opened the box I busted out laughing....

He said "For Valentine's Day I'd like to go get Blizzards".  Pretty sure I laughed for a solid five minutes at this thing and as silly as it is, I love it.  The best part is that it's not even a fancy spoon, it's the exact plastic spoon they put in your Blizzard.  How in the world he ever came up with the idea to get me this I will never know, but that's why I love him.  After two years of being behaved, we went to DQ and I went all out.  Medium Blizzard with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and yes, please double the candy serving.  Pretty sure that adds up to about one billion calories but it was so worth it.

Nothing on Saturday was logged into MyFitnessPal because I think it would have imploded if I had.

This Valentine's Day was honestly the best one I think we've ever shared together.  We had so much fun and shared a lot of laughs.  Looking forward to carrying on the tradition next year with a couples 5K and I think the DQ Blizzard Spoon will make an appearance each year as well!  


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