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I'm a full time worker in the land of digital media while also a wife, daughter, sister, friend, coach, animal advocate (Don't Shop - ADOPT!) and marathoner!  I have a huge passion for life and have a long bucket list of things I want to do, and places to see....particularly places to run marathons in!  Aside from running I am a lover of margaritas, helping others with their fitness goals, food, playing with anyone's dogs, not talking about politics, reading nutritional books, and my husband and I are avid beer nerds....the weirder the better.

If you've known me awhile, you'd probably say that I was the last person you thought would become a runner.  You see, I didn't start this running bit until about 8 years ago.  I didn't really start this running bit (actually running long distances) until about 4 years ago.  All through high school and most of college I was actually....wait for it.....a GOLFER!  That's right, I played competitively for almost 12 years until one day in college I dropped it cold turkey.  I gave up a full ride scholarship (Mom and Dad weren't too happy at the time) and said I was done and wanted to focus on my true passion, my career.  It was a hard decision that honestly I don't regret one bit.  I still have clubs, they make an excellent door stopper...

After college when I started in the "real world", I needed an outlet for stress relief so I started running.  A girlfriend and I started doing some 5K's here and there, a 10K in Austin, and then randomly picked an Olympic Distance Triathlon in Iowa to really challenge ourselves.  That began my love for distance events, running, and getting a big shiny medal at the end. 

Fast forward to today and I'm a running junkie.  My husband got into the sport after I ran the NYC Marathon in 2010.  He had to experience what all the fuss was about and guess what, now he is hooked.  We run pretty much every race together and it is such a blessing to our marriage and friendship.  A lot of people don't understand the whole running thing, so being married to one definitely helps!  In August of 2013 I became certified as a coach through the RRCA.  I became certified primarily to try and soak up every bit of knowledge I could about the sport I love so much.  The knowledge gained has allowed me to improve my own running as well as help others on their journey to reaching their own running goals. 

Outside of running...

My husband and I have been married since April 2010 and we have three beautiful four-legged children.  As I mentioned, we are huge advocates for animal adoption!  Our 3 are all adopted and I'll share a bit of their story.

The kids....

Eddie - Ed Fred, Edward, Ol' Faithful
Eddie is the senior of the group but you would never know it.  Eddie has more energy than the other two combined.  He's a hydrid of poodle smarts with a terrier attitude....a total handful!  He was Brandon's dog long before I came along so they have such a sweet bond.  He was rescued from an abusive situation but you would never know that either!  Eddie spends his days defending the universe.

Lucy Lu - LucyCakes, Sassy Britches
Lucy Lu literally wandered into our front yard.  From what we know, Lucy was dumped by a puppy mill and left to fend for herself (she's tiny, only 12lbs) on the streets.  We came to find out that she has a seizure disorder, which we're pretty sure is why the breeder dumped her.  It only took her a few weeks to come around, but once she did she fit right in.  She's a feisty, fearless, and full of sass little thing!  Lucy spends her time napping under blankets, and the occasional plowing through window screens to "Say Hello" to other dogs out on a walk.  True story....

Hank - Hankster, Hank The Tank, The Flash
Hank is our most recent adoption from the Boston Terrier Rescue of North Texas and we know for sure he was a puppy mill surrender.  When Hank first came to us he would just sit in the corner and shiver, and if you picked him up it scared him so much he would poop...on you.  Most people would see him as damaged, or broken...but we saw something else.   He is the sweetest, gentlest little guy who not only is crate trained but follows commands.  Every day he shows more and more progress towards becoming a family pet and he fills our hearts with so much love.  He now even displays a lot of quirky and downright comical Boston Terrier behavior!  Hank shows us every day that he wants to be a part of the family, and he is working darn hard at it!

I'll spare you a long rant and a Sarah Mclachlan song, but please consider adopting before purchasing from a breeder and/or puppy mill.  There are SO many dogs out there who are only looking for a shot at a good life.  They will love you back ten times over for giving them a chance as mine have!  There is no such thing as a bad dog, there are only bad owners.

The purpose of my blog is to journal my adventures in life and running.  I talk to people every day who want to either start running, or break through and start running longer distances and I LOVE helping others along the way towards their running and fitness goals.  I am not a professional.  I'm for darn sure not the fastest runner out there, but I'll never stop doing what I love.

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