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For over 20 years now, AdvoCare has been providing safe and effective health and wellness products to benefit anyone looking for more energy, weight loss, better nutrition, and enhanced sports performance.  AdvoCare is probably most well known for the 24 Day Challenge.  Professional athletes such as Drew Brees and other unpaid endorsers like World Champion Sprinter Veronica Campbell-Brown use AdvoCare products and don't have to worry about the safety because of the Informed Choice certification.  If it is safe enough for them, it is plenty safe for me! In addition to the products, AdvoCare also offers an opportunity to bring in a substantial income like it does for our family, and thousands of others.  

Many people ask me specifically what I use for running (these can be used for any form of exercise), so here is the breakdown:
  • Arginine Extreme - This is by far one of my must-have products for runners!  It helps support and deliver vital nutrients to the muscles, increase nitric oxide levels (you can breathe!), gets the muscles warmed up fast and supports overall cardiovascular health.  LOVE it! (taken approx. 30 minutes prior to workouts)
  • V02 Prime Bar - Just released in August 2013, this has rocked my running world.  The best pre-workout fuel that not only tastes amazing, doesn't upset the stomach, but gives you a noticeable burst of energy that sustains you through your workout.  Incredible.
  • O2 Gold Advanced - The third lung as runners lovingly refer to it.  This product is a personal favorite for my husband, the speedster of the family.  It helps to facilitate the body's use of oxygen and increases oxygenation to the cells.  Translation:  the third lung. 
  • Catalyst - An Amino Acid supplements that in easy to understand terms, it basically serves as a saran wrap around your muscles.  It protects your muscles so that your body can focus on burning the FAT around your muscles.  Not sure about you, but uh, I take all the help I can get! (taken approximately 15 minutes prior to workouts)
  • Post Workout Recovery - If you've been running for one month or ten years, you know the importance of getting the proper balance of nutrition back into your body within 45 minutes of a workout.  Revive in 45!  The Post Workout Recovery Shakes contain the suggested ratio of carbs:protein and are packed with more than 30 vitamins and nutrients that your muscles need for recovery to repair themselves and prevent soreness.  Not to mention, they are super tasty!
  • Nighttime Recovery - Helps you sleep, helps you recover, and helps you get back up the next morning to do it all over again!  Enough said.  L-O-V-E.
  • Rehydrate - Ever wondered what Gatorade tasted like and could actually do for you if it wasn't loaded down in unnecessary sugar and actually had all of the vitamins and nutrients you needed to stay hydrated before/during/post workouts?  Now you do. 

On a daily basis to keep the proper nutrition flowing I use the following:
  • SPARK - A gift straight from the energy Gods.  Packed with 21 vitamins and minerals Spark not only provides my morning kick in the pants of energy, but gives me the focus I need to get things done.  I am not a coffee drinker and sodas have zero nutritional benefit, so my go-to for years has been Spark.
  • MNS (Metobolic Nutrition System) - One giant bucket of nutrition!  I contribute my overall improved health and the ability to maintain my weight to MNS, it is simply amazing.
  • Meal Replacement Shakes - I drink a meal shake every morning because my day usually starts like this:  get up, go run, have ten minutes to eat breakfast before I shower and go to work.  The meal shakes have 24 grams of carbs and 24 grams of protein, 220 calories, and 5-6 grams of fiber.  So a completely balanced meal that tastes yummy, keeps me full and takes all of 30 seconds to make?!  Yes, please.
  • Joint Promotion - If you're a runner you should know about the benefits of glucosamine.  If you don't, I suggest you do a little research and do yourself a favor and get some.  Lubricate and PROTECT your joints! 
  • Not a product I personally take, but the toughest critic I've ever met does.  My Dad.....BioTools - If you suffer from ANY form of arthritis or joint pain, please please please read my Dad's story.  I waited 6 months before posting it because I wanted hard evidence.  His story speaks for itself.  Please read here.

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